The Inovus i88™ is a feature packed Digital Piano, with 88 Hammer Action Weighted Keys that offer realistic piano-like feel and playability.  With more features than any other digital piano in its class, like Bluetooth® connectivity, 200 sounds, and functions to help you learn, the Inovus i88™ offers incredible value and performance


Constructed with 88 Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keys

Constructed with 88 Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keys,
accurately weighted to give the player the most authentic feel possible, our hammer action keys feels like you are playing a grand piano

Velocity/Touch Sensitivity changes sound seamlessly in response to your touch, just like on a fine acoustic piano

Feature Packed with Modern Functionality

The Inovus i88™ offers modern features like wireless connectivity and advanced learning functions, providing exceptional value and performance

Professional Grade Polyphony

State-of-the-art sound processing chip with 128 polyphony, enabling 128 sounds at once, so you can distinguish tones clearly and play all your favorites – without skipping a beat!


Incredible Learning Functions

Made with learning in mind, Interactive Learning Functions will help you learn to play

Lesson Mode – Split the Keyboard and Play Along with your Teacher!

The Split Keyboard function allows teacher and student to play the same parts in the same octaves

Teachers can show a student what to play and students can play along in real-time

Learn to Improvise with Smart Play™ Auto Accompaniment

A feature typically found only in studio-level instruments, now available in your own home at a fraction of the cost

The Smart Play™ Auto Accompaniment feature allows you to create improvisations using your left hand, while playing a chord with the right hand, all while the accompanying rhythm adapts to your playing. This feature helps you learn timing and rhythm and how to improvise, for an amazing learning experience

200 Sounds, 100 Rhythms, and 60 Demo Songs Built In

200 sounds and effects, from Grand Piano to Electric Piano, Organ, Bass, Harpsichord, and many more. 100 rhythm backing tracks to play along with, and 60 demo songs to help you learn and love piano

Not enough? Expand your library with infinite possibilities with Bluetooth® and a USB port for your own .mp3 backing tracks and practice songs!

A built in Metronome, with 9 Programmable Time Signatures helps you play along with the beat.

The Record-And-Play function lets you play back your practice and improve your playing.

And multiple connectivity options ensures you can play along with online lessons and piano learning apps


Exquisite Modern Design

Modern design, with an uncluttered function panel and easy to use, soft push function buttons and elegant, Matte Black finish

Multiple Connectivity Options

Connect to a computer or tablet with MIDI and USB connectivity. The i88™ also features audio output, audio input, and USB interface for MP3 connectivity

Dual Headphone Jacks allow you to play quietly alone or along with a teacher

Revolutionary Bluetooth® Connectivity for Audio and MIDI!

The Inovus i88 has Bluetooth® Functionality built in!
Connect directly to your Smartphone or Tablet and play along with your playlists and backing tracks.

But you can also connect through Bluetooth MIDI directly with many Apps and Online Piano Lessons.

Bluetooth® gives you the most modern connectivity options so you can learn and love playing piano.


A 2 month, Unlimited Premium Subscription of Piano Academy by Yokee Music!

sound and feel of a real piano

“I love to play. At home, concerts, or in the studio, the piano is what inspires me. The Inovus i88™ let’s me play anywhere with amazing sound and an authentic piano feel”                                    

– Max Jurat, Artist, Musician, Pianist


The Inovus i88™ offers realistic piano-like feel and playability, with an impressive range of features, available from the comfort of your own home

Innovative, Interactive, Inspiring. Inovus.